New York Giants Likely Preparing To Release Veteran Linebacker

As the New York Giants begin to address the mess of a team Jerry Reese and Ben McAdoo left behind, several players are fearing for their jobs in the wake of the staff overhaul.

Veteran linebacker Jonathan Casillas was known as a leader on the team, but after injuring his neck and wrist in 2017, his durability is in question.

According to, Casillas thinks his time in New York might be coming to an end:

“I’ve spoken to (the Giants) briefly. I didn’t have a formal conversation with them about any contract or getting me back there or anything like that,” Casillas said, via Alex Marvez of the Sporting News. “It doesn’t seem like they love me as much as the old staff did.”

There’s no doubt that Casillas brings a sense of professionalism and leadership to the team and locker room, but after last season’s melt-down, the new regime seems keen on gutting the team of aging veterans.

Finding young players that are obsessed with winning is the new standard for the Giants (OBJ anyone?), meaning Casillas might catch the short end of the stick this time around.

Casillas was allocated $3.6 million in 2017, but could find his way back onto the roster if he takes a steep pay-cut. The Giants are in dire need of linebackers and signing Casillas to a team-friendly deal ($1.5-2 million) might be a solid option. His leadership and wisdom could go a long way in helping to develop young players Gettleman may select in the NFL Draft.

“I’ve been around enough to understand the game,” Casillas said. “I might not be as hot a commodity as I used to be. But whoever gets me, if it’s somebody else and not the Giants, they’re going to get a great player and a great leader in the locker room.”

Essentially, teams would be paying for his presence in the locker room and leadership on the field, because his talent has surely seen a drop-off since his days in New England.