New York Giants Icon Trying To Make A Comeback To The NFL

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4549 yards and 25 touchdowns later, Victor Cruz is still hoping to improve upon those statistics in the NFL. Cruz finished his career as a starting player for the New York Giants in 2016, but his motivation to move forward in the NFL still lingers, and he’s desperately looking for an opportunity to come calling.

Cruz stated that he was willing to move on from football if he isn’t offered a chance, but at 31 years old, there just might be some tread left on those tires. When asked about a potential comeback at his annual BTIG Charity Event in Manhattan he detailed his training and is hoping to be picked up by an NFL team. If not, he will retire.

I just love the game. I think I can still play,” said Cruz in a report by Jordan Ranaan of ESPN. “I don’t want to exhaust all of that before I fall off.”

The questions begs: How about the New York Giants?

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After letting the iconic receiver go after the 2016 season, Cruz went on to the Chicago Bears where he failed to make an impact. A torn patellar tendon against the Eagles in 2014 stifled any hopes for a team thought to be playoff bound.

In 2014, the Giants drafted Odell Beckham Jr. who was expected to complement Cruz and turn the Giants’ offense into one of the league’s best. All of that crumbled to ashes when Cruz went down.

Would the Giants be willing to sign Cruz to a one-year deal? Probably not, especially since they already lack height on the receiving corps. He will likely have to find his opportunity with another receiver hungry team.