New York Giants: A Great Rebuild Opportunity (Opinion)

Dave Gettleman, the New York Giants’ General Manager, holds the franchise’s future in his hands.  He has a great rebuilding opportunity that starts with the 2nd overall selection in the 2018 NFL draft. Blow it and the Giants are doomed.

Take a quarterback to replace Eli Manning?

Why do that? Isn’t Eli several years younger than Tom Brady? Eli has been less injured than Brady.  If the gold standard of the NFL, the New England Patriots, can trade away Brady’s successor to the 49ers, we are in no hurry.  Another problem is that there is only one, count them, one quarterback worthy of a top five selection and that is Sam Darnold.  For the purposes of this article, let us assume Darnold is gone.  Do not take the second best quarterback.  There is no Carson Wentz available this year once Darnold is off the board.

Trade the 2nd overall pick?

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This is the dream scenario for the Giants given the state of the salary cap and roster that Jerry Reese left the team. The team has needs at offensive line, running back, linebacker, defensive line and cornerback. I am pretty sure that Saquon Barkley as special as he is, can’t fill all of those holes himself.

This team is not a star running back away from a super bowl. The dream scenario for the Giants would be to trade down to the fifth pick. Denver would need to cough up the 5th pick and their first round 2019 pick. This is very reasonable for them and not dissimilar to what the Giants gave up to acquire Eli Manning.

In this scenario, the draft goes QB, QB, QB, and then Barkley. Why? I said there was only one quarterback worthy of top 5 selection.  This is true, but in an NFL starved league where you can’t win with guys like McCown who are starters at age 38, desperation takes hold and the best player available becomes moot.

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Trade the 5th overall pick?

Same scenario as before.  In the game of musical chairs, there are four top quarterbacks available.  The Bills and Cardinals will still need a quarterback. Rosen, Mayfield or Allen will still be available at five assuming that the Browns don’t trade the pick.  Do the Browns need more picks?  All they have been doing is picking.

I believe they will use the pick on Barkley.  Now, the Giants can demand from the Bills the 12th, 22nd pick this year and their 2019 first round pick next year.  I don’t care what the draft value chart says. The Bills are desperate for a quarterback.

In this scenario, the Giants would have two first round picks in 2018 and three first round picks in 2019. This would allow for a proper rebuild with an infusion of five total first round picks in the next two drafts. Moreover, should the Giants, Broncos or Bills falter in 2018, the Giants might be able to find their quarterback next year, after having the current incoming management team make a proper assessment of Davis Webb.

Select a non Quarterback at 2?

Is Barkley, Nelson or Chubb worth four extra first round selections as in my double trade down scenario?  The answer is a resounding no!!  The desperation of the NFL for quarterbacks must be cashed right now.