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New York Giants Get Good News In Race For Saquon Barkley

For all of you fans that believe the New York Giants should select Saquon Barkley with the No. 2 overall pick, you may have just gotten your wish.

New development:

The only team standing in the way of the Giants and Barkley was the Cleveland Browns. Well, the once lowly Browns are now planning to sign former 49er’s running back Carlos Hyde.

Hyde signed a three-year, $15 million deal, earning him $5 million per-season. Now, that’s nowhere in the stud running back range, but with other priority needs, he is likely going to be given the opportunity to start alongside Duke Johnson.

The Browns were keen on keeping Johnson, their third-down and pass back. Grabbing Barkley with the first-overall pick would only push Johnson further down the ladder, and bringing on Hyde nearly solidifies the claim that they will be addressing another position of need in the draft.

Other free agency moves:

Cleveland also brought in quarterback Tyrod Taylor from the Buffalo Bills, which may sway opinions in terms of their potential to take a quarterback at No. 1. It’s possible they draft a player like Wyomings’ Josh Allen to begin developing. He could be the heir to the throne after Taylor’s contract expires.

But for the Giants, it opens up a world of possibilities. Having their choice of players at No. 2 allows them to either take arguably the most polarizing player in the last decade of NFL Drafts, or they can trade out of the spot to acquire more value. Or, they can always take a quarterback if they believe Davis Webb isn’t the future of the team.

In other words, it puts the Giants in the drivers seat, and that’s exactly what we need to hope for.

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