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New York Giants: Our Breakout Player Of The Year Candidate

The New York Giants have a lot of work to do over the offseason, but there are some players already on the roster looking to take their game to the next level in 2018; one of them is running back Wayne Gallman.

As a rookie, Gallman ran for 476 yards on 111 carries, averaging 4.3 yards-per-carry — not too shabby for a first-year player. In the passing game, Gallman hauled in 193 yards and a touchdown to add to his resume. The Giants will be looking to utilize his speed and agility in 2018, but there’s a chance he could be overtaken by a guy like Saquon Barkley.

Let’s assume in this instance the Giants decide to stay way from Barkley and give Gallman the reigns to the starting job. Although the young back only weighs 215-pounds, he runs with the force of a 260-pound man while also maintaining his shiftiness.

Take a look at every touch for Gallman in the week 4 mathcup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

There’s no doubt that Gallman runs with purpose and determination, which gives him the potential to be the breakout player of the year in 2018. If he can produce over the course of an entire season, he would be a great surprise for a team that has lacked a true work-horse back since the days of earth, wind, and fire.


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  1. I don’t understand why the Giants would waste a Draft pick on another quarterback when you had a quarterback on the roster and you won’t even give web a chance he may be in next franchise quarterback at least give the guy a chance you gave Geno Smith a chance and you knew he wasn’t going to be on the team this year give the kid a chance and take the kid Barkley Eli be good for another year so all you need is a line from a die-hard fan.

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