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New York Giants: 4 Different Mock Drafts For Each Top Player

If you were to play a couple hands of poker with Dave Gettleman, than chances are he is walking away with your money. We have heard numerous different reports over the last month tying the Giants to Penn State running back Saquan Barkley.

We have also heard that the Giants brass was gushing over Bradley Chubb’s visit to Metlife and were enamored with his dedication, class and professionalism. Don’t forget all of the touch points with the class’ top quarterback prospects and recent reports that Sam Darnold is the “guy” the G-Men covet.

New York Giant fans have been waiting patiently for April 26th to finally begin to see the vision Gettleman has for the Giants. We have been sifting through all of the reports to try and come up with some idea of what DG is thinking but it is to no avail.

We know as much as we do two months ago and for all intensive purposes, that is exactly the way it should be. Gettleman has played it close to the vest which has led to a ton of speculation and passionate back and forths between Giant faithful. As much as we may differ with our opinions, the one constant is that we all would love to see Big Blue back in contention on a year in year out basis.

There is not much to do between now and the draft other than speculate and form your own opinion. So, what I did was find a mock draft simulator and I played Dave Gettleman. I conducted multiple mock drafts with different approaches.

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The process:

I ended up completing four different mocks. I began each mock with a different first round pick based on recent speculation. The only rule I gave myself was that I was not going to draft the same player in any round of the mocks. I do not have any trades in the mocks.

The reasoning:

I simply wanted to give Giant fans a look into what each strategy may look like in order to help guide their opinion.

The Outcome:

Round/Pick Barkley Mock QB Mock Chubb Mock Nelson Mock
1 (2) Saquan Barkley (RB) Josh Rosen (QB) Bradley Chubb (DE) Quenton Nelson (G)
2 (34) Billy Price (C) Sony Michel (RB) Leighton Vander Esch (LB) James Daniels (G)
3 (66) Carlton Davis (CB) Tyrell Crosby (OT) Ronald Jones (RB) Nick Chubb (RB)
3 (69) Justin Reid (S) Lorenzo Carter (LB) Frank Ragnow (G) Luke Falk (QB)
4 (108) Josey Jewell (LB) Duke Dawson (CB) Daesean Hamilton (WR) Michael Gallup (WR)
5 (139) Marcell Ateman (WR) Shaquem Griffin (LB) J.C. Jackson (CB) Michael Dickson (P)

The Interpretation:

After reviewing all of the mocks I would honestly be happy with any of the outcomes. My mindset coming into the draft is that we are getting a great group of young, talented players regardless of which strategy Gettleman and the Giants go with.

If I had to choose which mock I would be most satisfied with I would lean towards is Mock 1 with Saquan Barkley leading the way. It adds a dynamic playmaker with Barkley, solidifies our secondary with a Reid and Davis, and adds another quality offensive lineman. We would also add a wide receiver with good potential and a linebacker that reminds me of Sean Lee. Not a bad haul.

What Will Happen:

Who knows. It could be a combination of the players above. Maybe there are a couple names drafted we did not foreshadow. We may possibly trade the #2 pick for a haul and look to rebuild. Whatever the case may be, we will be getting better and I for one am excited to see who the new Giants will be.

My Perfect Mock (For What It’s Worth)

Pick Player
1 (2) Saquan Barkley (RB)
2 (34) Billy Price (C)
3 (66) Tyrell Crosby (OT)
3 (69) Lorenzo Carter (LB)
4 (108) Duke Dawson (CB)
5 (139) Marcell Ateman (WR)

Ill leave you with this.

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