New York Giants: 3 Keys That Will Make The Defense Successful

New York Giants, Landon Collins

Despite the influx of talent on both sides of the ball for the New York Giants, weaknesses and fragility remain present on several units. For the defense, the secondary represents the biggest question-mark, and finding a way to succeed with limited talent will be a strenuous task for Big Blue this season.

General manager Dave Gettleman has been known to strip quality from the secondary to fortify the trenches, which can be a stellar method if appropriately maintained. The issue – most of the time the secondary lacks depth and if the injury bug hits, the defense as a whole takes a hit.

Despite the signing of several veterans – Michael Thomas, William Gay, B.W. Webb, and others, it’s unlikely any of them emerge as above-average players. The only comfort the Giants have in the secondary is cornerback Janoris Jenkins, who has proved his worth since signing with the team two years ago.

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The 3 keys:

The three keys will be three words that represent three different aspects of the defense – Depth, quality, and desire.

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The depth in the secondary will undoubtedly be the biggest flaw in the defense, and finding a way to solve that issue will be difficult. It can be masked be a relentless pass-rush, but it’s unlikely DC James Bettcher can consistently lay on the heat without having trouble in the pass-game. Against premier quarterbacks, the Giants will be forced to lay back in coverage and provide help over the top. The safeties are running deadly thin, with Darian Thompson struggling to earn a first-team gig in OTAs, and Andrew Adams/Orion Stewart splitting time with the top string.

There will be holes, and better quarterbacks will expose them. Finding some quality depth that can help take some of the slack off the starters will be essential as we move forward in the year. Notice how both quality and depth coincide.

One of the most important intangible traits will be “desire.” As we have seen, sometimes just the will to win can push a player beyond their expected abilities. The defense must come together as a cohesive unit and push each-other to raise the bar. Super Bowl teams know how to bring the best out of each-other, and the Giants must find that aspect of their game if they wish to reach the level of success they anticipate in the months ahead.

P.S. I am not saying they are going to win the Super Bowl this year, just that their aspirations require specific traits.