New York Giants Safety Can’t Stop Raving About Saquon Barkley

New York Giants, Saquon Barkley

New York Giants‘ Saquon Barkley has been turning heads since the first day of rookie minicamp. He has been able to showcase has instincts as a ball carrier, has excelled at catching the ball, and has been able to pick up blitz protection. He can even throw the ball pretty well.

The coaches, media, and fans have all enjoyed watching Saquon Barkley’s first weeks as a New York Giant. But, what is really important is how the players feel about him.

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One player had some high praise for the rookie:

Landon Collins has been a spectator so far this offseason while recovering from forearm surgery. So, he has been able to see everything that happens on the field from a different perspective.

“He hit a hole so explosive and so fast [on Monday], I was like, I’ll probably get out of the way a little bit [if I was on defense],” Collins joked on Tuesday at a Thuzio question and answer event at Slate with Tiki Barber in Manhattan, via The Post. “He’s got great vision, great hands out of the backfield. He’s going to be awesome. Best thing I love about him is he’s so humble.”

It is no secret that Landon Collins is a player that speaks his mind, so getting a vote of confidence from him should mean a lot to Barkley. We all know, Landon Collins would not say those things if he did not mean them.

This was not the first time Landon Collins spoke praise of Saquon Barkley though.

“Best thing about Saquon Barkley being on our team is the fact that I won’t have to try to tackle him,” Collins said shortly after the draft.

This is especially meaningful coming from one of the harder hitting safeties in the league, who does not shy away from contact.

I too am happy with Saquon Barkley being a Giant.