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Here’s The Good News About Odell Beckham Jr’s Contract

The New York Giants have all of the leverage in the Odell Beckham Jr. long-term deal situation. With Beckham Jr. on the final year of his rookie deal, he will earn about $8.5 million in 2018.

How do the Giants have all the leverage?

General manager Dave Gettleman knows that he has the advantage on OBJ going into the contract negotiations since he still has one more year on his rookie deal, and the Giants can always franchise tag him in 2019.

That keeps Beckham Jr. on the team for two-more years guaranteed, and it is much more financially friendly than signing him to a long-term deal. The star receiver is expected to earn in the $20 million per-season range, while the franchise tag is about $15 million. Now, of course tagging him might not make him very happy in terms of the long-term deal he seeks, but it’s in the best interest of the Giants moving forward.

Before we continue, I want to ensure everyone that I’m on board to pay the man, since he’s arguably the most dynamic and electrifying receiver in football. But, we also have to be financially savvy when it comes to destroying our cap-space with a contract like his. Keeping him for two-more years for $23 million is far better than two-years for $40 million. He might be frustrated with receiving the franchise tag, but if the Giants are in a position to contend for the Super Bowl, he might be willing to take the $15 million move on.

Is anybody incredibly annoyed yet? These guys are complaining about making $15 million instead of $20 million… I’m just trying to put food on the table over here!


Riding out the remainder of his contract is not only beneficial for the Giants financially, but also to ensure his injury won’t hinder him. Coming off an ankle injury as severe as the one Beckham Jr. suffered can often times affect a receiver. So, keeping him off a long-term contract will help the Giants see his overall worth (injury proneness, antics, etc.).


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