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How Much Time Does Eli Manning Really Have Left With The New York Giants?

New York Giants‘ quarterback Eli Manning might be at his last life with the organization if he doesn’t step up his game for the upcoming season. With Manning only having two years left on his contract, people are doubting his potential to impress the Giants brass enough to deserve a contract extension beyond 2020.

Taking into consideration that Manning is a 37 year-old quarterback with a not so persistent front line; obviously he isn’t going to be able to play to the best of his ability. On the other hand, Giants fans believe that this Eli is the same QB from past years and still has some fuel left in the tank.

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That being said, maybe the Giants need a fresh, young QB to lead the pack. Let’s be honest, Manning’s play-action passes have been weak and his audible calling inadequate, primarily due to the previous offensive scheme Ben McAdoo implemented. With new coach Pat Shurmur taking the reigns, we should expect to see Eli utilize his strengths. But, if Manning has degraded to the point where those strengths might be average at best, it could spell the end for the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

With newly acquired running back Saquon Barkley, Manning will have a dynamic and versatile back that can catch passes out of the backfield and extend pays with his legs. Due to the fact Odell Beckham and Sterling Shepard were injured in 2017, it hurt Manning profoundly considering they were two of the Giants’ top receivers. Don’t forget that wide receivers Brandon Marshall and Dwayne Harris were also injured, leaving Eli Manning with mostly 3rd and 4th string receivers.

Eli’s band of misfit toys at WR dropped 45 passes, which would have brought his completion percentage from 61.6% to 69.5% given those passes were caught. Of course, there will always be some dropped passes, but the Giants led the league by a land-slide.

Being that Manning will enter the 2018 season with a heightened sense of confidence due to the return of his most lethal weapons, and the addition of Barkley and an upgraded offensive line, the franchise QB might be able to extend his stay with Big Blue.

Eli’s brother, Peyton, played until he was 40 years old and was fresh off a herniated disk in his neck. Peyton was forced to travel to Germany to receive the surgery that would ultimately allow him to continue playing in the NFL.

Eli on the other hand has never missed a professional game due to injury, which should allow us to expect quality from him throughout the upcoming season. Backup quarterback Davis Webb has performed well during organized team activities thus far, showing off his big arm and accuracy. The second-year signal caller is making a strong case that he can be the future of the franchise, but a few pre-season games under his belt will be the deciding factor for fans and coaches alike.

Eli Manning predicted stats:

Passing yards: 4,142

Passing TD’s: 28

Interceptions: 13


  1. I really enjoy this new sports writer, Jake palladino, his writings are similar to the old time Bill Stern. I’m an old guy , who loves sports. Keep up the good work ,Jake!

  2. Roy, you got it right. As I said in a tweet, last year with no offensive line or time to throw, no running game or starting receivers to throw to, he was tied for 6th in completions, even with all those dropped passes, just 34 short of Drew Brees at number one in the NFL.
    I thought Jake Palladino tried to present both sides, but did not like the article stating – ‘quarterback Eli Manning might be at his last life with the organization if he doesn’t step up his game’.
    There is absolutely nothing Eli Manning has to step up to.

  3. Hey Roy!

    Four years would be a blessing! I’m hoping the new scheme and offense really provides him with what he needs. My argument for him has been his offensive line has been poor, but now that he has one it’s do or die.

  4. Jake,
    It’s easy to superficially judge a QB who is lacking when he is playing in a scheme which does not sync with his abilities. Furthermore, this QB only had two seconds to get rid of the ball due to an incompetent OLine, a poor running game (which delimited his effectiveness in attempting to orchestrate play-action) and marginal success in throwing to a decimated corp of receivers (due to injuries).

    Eli has four years remaining! (Mark it down!). There will be a resurgence in his play this upcoming season.
    What QB who thrives on play-action can be successful when their offensive line is inept and the best RB they have is Orleans Darkwa (who signed him as a FA ? – nobody).
    You’ll see a completely different QB this year with Barkley shouldering much of the load. This will open up the passing game for Eli and his stable of excellent receivers will more than thrive.

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