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How Can The New York Giants Defeat The Eagles In 2018?

by Zack Hoppaugh

The NFC East has not had repeat champions since 2004 when the Philadelphia Eagles won the title from 2001-2004. The Super Bowl Champions look to be the team to beat in the NFC and are favorites to make another Super Bowl run. The question of how the New York Giants can beat the Eagles is a topic of discussion every season, and the Eagles always seem to have the Giants number.

Eli Manning stated, “Philly, you just gotta get used to,” when asked about what teams he looks forward to playing the most, “It takes a little while to get used to in Philly because you’re not used to seeing a 9-year-old cursing at you and talking about my mom and stuff.

The Eagles have some of the most passionate and hostile fans in the NFL, and playing in Philly is one of the most difficult places to play. Unfortunately, Eagles fans travel very well, so playing in East Rutherford will not be much easier Giants.

Eli Manning on offsides penalties when playing at home against the Eagles, “You don’t think that would happen at home, but I guess when you’ve only got two games, you’ve got a lot of Eagles fans, and they were loud. We couldn’t hear the cadence and that’s why we jumped offsides.”

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How can the Giants get the upper hand?

In order for the Giants to have a legitimate shot at decrowning the Eagles, they must win in the trenches. Dave Gettleman’s newly acquired “hog mollies” will be a big part of how successful the Giants are in 2018, especially against the Eagles.

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In 2017, the Eagles had one of the best offensive lines and deepest defensive lines in the NFL. The Giants had the opposite. The focus of this offseason has been to address these concerns. With the signing of Nate Solder and drafting Will Hernandez, the offensive line should be greatly improved. In free agency and the draft, the Giants added a lot of depth to their already talented defensive line.

What are the chances?

In 2017, both Giants vs. Eagles games were highly contested. The first meeting, the Eagles won in the final seconds with a miracle, 61-yard field goal. The second, the Eagles won 34-29. The 2017New York Giants were riddled with injury and had one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL, and still gave the Eagles a run for their money.

With a healthy roster, and the additions made this offseason to the offensive and defensive line, the Giants have a legitimate chance at competing for the NFC East title this upcoming season.

Let us also not forget that Saquon Barkley, the most dynamic running back to come into the league in years, is now a New York Giant. If this all is not enough to make Giants fans optimistic, I do not know what will.


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