Here’s What Davis Webb Has Learned In One Season Under Eli Manning

New York Giants, Eli Manning

The New York Giants have a quarterback dilemma, and all Davis Webb-haters tend to refer back to the days of Ryan Nassib. Let’s get this out of the way… that’s ridiculous. You can’t compare any player in the NFL, since later-round picks often emerge as starters at all different positions.

Nassib didn’t have the work ethic Webb currently has, and his chances at starting a game in the NFL were next to none. How do I know that? Eli Manning was in his prime, so Nassib wasn’t going to be playing any games as a Giant; he was a backup QB for life. Webb has the chance to be Manning’s successor, which explains his ‘want’ to prove himself to the organization.

Here’s what Webb had to say about his year under Manning:

“How to handle adversity would be No. 1,” Webb told NJ Advance Media during an exclusive interview. “We lost 13 games. We have to swallow that. But he never flinched. Every day he had the biggest smile on his face and was ready to work and compete with his teammates. He loves playing the game of football. That’s something I really admire.”

The Giants battled through a 3-13 season and even went as far as to bench Manning and end his infamous streak. Manning nearly cried due to the emotion of not starting a game after 14-season of doing so. Damn you Ben McAdoo!

Moving forward, the Giants are staying with Manning as their starting quarterback in 2018. At 37-years old, his time is quickly coming to an end, but he has our support until his final day!

“We believe Eli has years left as a starting quarterback in this league,” coach Pat Shurmur said. “We’re excited that he’s there. I’m looking forward to developing Davis Webb to see where he can go.”

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When comparing himself (Webb) to Manning, he was very open with how different both of their personalities really are, and why their receivers gel with both of them equally.

“We have two different personalities,” Webb said, “but that’s why I think all the receivers gel with us: Because it’s easy to talk to him and I.”

“He’s the best teammate I’ve ever had,” Webb said. “He pushed through some adversity this year: Receivers went down, (offensive) linemen got hurt. We had some adversity and he didn’t flinch. He had to sit out one game, and he was the best teammate in the world. I know it was hard on him. I really respected that.”

Webb is spending the offseason working diligently to impress the new regime for the Giants, and he may just earn his opportunity to showcase his skills.

“He [Manning] said, ‘The biggest thing I’ve got going for me is my work ethic. I’m going to outwork people. That’s how you get better. Every day you find something. You never stay the same.”

Well, we can surely say Webb is giving his opportunity everything he’s got, and if he wins the starting job, it will be based on his work ethic alone.