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HC Pat Shurmur Details Where Will Hernandez Will Play And More

The New York Giants will begin their anticipated rookie training camp today at 3:30 P.M. Ahead of the camp head coach Pat Shurmur broke down the different roles of the fresh faces on the team.

Starting with second-round pick Will Hernandez, Shurmur stated:

“Will Hernandez has played a lot of snaps at left guard so we’ll certainly look at him there…but he’s going to get reps on both sides.”

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Hernandez played primarily at left guard at the University of Texas El Paso, but in the NFL he will be tested on the right side as well. The consensus is that he will emerge as the starting left guard for the Giants come September, but the staff will refine his skills on both sides of the line to find the best fit.

Shurmur was asked about Saquon Barkley and his adjustment to a pro-style offense and coming out of the “I” formation. The new head coach said:

“We’re very confident that Saquon will be able to pick up everything well…our sense is that he’s a quick study.”

He additionally said:

“I’m high on Saquon, but let’s train him the right way.”

Ensuring that Barkley reaches his full potential will be a simple task, but finding his proper fit in the offense will be the challenge. He’s a versatile athlete with unparalleled measurables, but he will be sharing attention with Odell Beckham Jr. and Evan Engram. He will no longer be the only focal point of the offense and will have to learn how to help his teammates succeed as well as himself.

As a general point, Shurmur commented on the overall idea behind the rookie camp and how they will weed out the talent over the weekend.

“You’re trying to challenge guys physically and mentally and let them go out there and show you what they can do.”




  1. I know Pat didn’t a very good job when he was in Cleveland but I also take in account the tallant he had to work with there also. That being said, I like his overall philosophy so far with the new players and the Veterans as well. Pat’s attitude about the players and the attitude of bringing the players and coaches together is as good as I have ever seen or heard. I sure hope they all respond to his advise and listen to the coaches and they can all become like a family orientated team.

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