Giants’ Pre-Draft OTA’s Could Be The Deciding Factor For NFL Draft Selection

davis webb, new york giants

While sophomore quarterback Davis Webb running around in shorts and slinging passes without any pressure doesn’t depict much, it could have an influence on who the New York Giants pick in the NFL draft.

Head coach Pat Shurmur will have an up close look at his young signal caller, but in the end, it shouldn’t make a difference on who they pick on Thursday. Why? Because a practice in shorts and no pads doesn’t equate to game-tape.

How could it  ‘affect’ who the Giants pick on Thursday?

Staff within the organization has praised Webb over the course of his one-year career as a Giant, saying he’s a professional through and through, but also maintains a unique work ethic seen in only the best of the best.

He expects quality out of every player, and teammates have described him as having “the ‘IT’ factor.” Is that enough to pass on a quarterback at No. 2? Probably not — but it certainly plays a part in the circumstance that they do.

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Having a live look at Webb is the positive aspect of the additional OTA awarded to a new head coach. It will give Shurmur a chance to see him in motion, despite the lack of pressure and game-like relevance.

If the Giants proceed to snag Penn State running back Saquon Barkley in the draft, we can assume that the new regime have placed their bet on Webb. But how can they keep his cap-hit down while having to pay Odell Beckham Jr., Landon Collins, and Barkley?

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It all comes down to Eli Manning. The Giants’ franchise quarterback will likely be extended to 2019 if a quarterback is not taken on Thursday, which will give Webb a two-year cushion to sit and prepare himself from his inaugural season in 2020. That would be the final year on his rookie deal. The Giants can bait him into signing a long-term deal instead of betting on himself in one season.

Additionally, Manning will be required to take a pay-cut. There is not a single team that will pay him $20 million per-season, and the Giants won’t either. It’s either pay-cut or retire for Eli.

The Strong Arm:

Offering Webb $40 million over four years with $25 million guaranteed puts him at $10 million per-season with incentives. But how can they pull that off? GM Dave Gettleman will have to strong arm his agent, convincing him that they will to draft a quarterback in 2020 despite wanting to commit to Webb. But they won’t invest in him unless they take the deal. Webb and his agent will have to decide on letting the Giants draft a QB and potentially losing the starting job, or signing the long-term deal and guaranteeing Webb as Manning’s heir.

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This locks in a starting QB for only $10 million per-season, which in the end is an absolute steal when compared to other top-tier signal callers.

The question here is: How can we guarantee Webb won’t flop?

Investing $10 million per-year on a QB is chump change, and it wouldn’t set the Giants too far back if it doesn’t pan out. Considering Webb would have Beckham Jr., Evan Engram, Saquon Barkley, and  a solid offensive line, his chances of success are more probable than failure.