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Former Quarterback Says Davis Webb Is The Giants’ Franchise Quarterback

For the New York Giants, the next few months are detrimental to the future of their team. The 2018 NFL Draft is slowly creeping up on us and rumors of Saquon Barkley and Josh Rosen seem to be on a never-ending cycle. The one wild-card standing in the way of the Giants drafting Rosen is Davis Webb.

Should we trust Webb over Rosen?

There are a few folks out there that think Davis Webb is the answer to the Giants’ predicament at quarterback. One of his advocates is former NFL quarterback and analyst Trent Difler.

“I think they have their future quarterback,” Dilfer told NJ Advance Media. “Given enough time and given that they have a two-time Super Bowl champion to bridge a couple years to integrate that guy in.

Difler hit it right on the head… Webb will have been learning behind Eli Manning for two-complete seasons before getting his shot at the job. With his work ethic, intelligence and obvious intangibles, there’s no reason he can’t be the next franchise quarterback for the Giants.

“Giving Davis a year or two more to develop and learn the ropes and kind of establish himself in the locker room and play well in preseason, it helps your team. Now you don’t have to go overpay at the position, or draft and roll the dice.”

The key word here is “overpay.” If the Giants decide to go the way of Webb, he will arguably cost much less than any quarterback they draft at No. 2 overall. But, despite Difler’s advocacy for Webb, he did state that Josh Rosen would be the best fit for the Giants and Dave Gettleman.

We should expect to see a lot of smokescreens deployed by the Giants’ organization, as they are on a new campaign to stop the leaking of draft information that has occurred in years past.

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