Eric Dickerson: “Barkley Needs Offensive Line To Break My Record”

There’s a lot of hype around New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley, but one former player that doesn’t think he’ll break the rookie rushing record is Eric Dickerson. Of course, Dickerson set that record in his own rookie season with the Rams back in 1983, and is known as the fastest running back to gain more than 10,000 career yards. However, he doesn’t believe that Barkley can surpass his rookie record.

“You gotta have a line. Nothing against their line, but you gotta have a line!” he said in an interview with TMZ. He did, however, say that he was rooting for Barkley and the position as a whole. “He could have a great season.

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I hope he does because I’m always pulling for the running back, because they try to say the running back position is down… Most definitely I want him to have a great season. Do I want him to break my record? Absolutely not. But he ain’t going to break that record.”

Dickerson poses some interesting criticisms considering the Giants have worked to overhaul the offensive line this season. The five starters on that line will likely be very different than the ones from last season.

Nate Soldier was added to act as the Giants’ franchise left tackle, and offensive guard Will Hernandez should be an immediate starter after being drafted in the second round. They also signed guard Patrick Omaneh, formerly of the Jaguars, and he may see playing time opposite of Hernandez.

If Ereck Flowers starts this season, he should be less of a liability by acting more like a run blocking right tackle and not a left tackle responsible for pass protection. But of course, it’s hard to drastically change a lineup and get the expected result, so until fall camps and the preseason come, we won’t know if Dickerson is right or not about the Giants not having an offensive line.

Just looking at the roster on paper, though, it seems he underestimated the offseason additions made by Dave Gettleman.