New York Giants: Davis Webb Releases Encouraging Workout Videos

davis webb, new york giants

The New York Giants may want to re-consider their draft plans after seeing Davis Webb’s new workout videos; especially if they were planning on taking a quarterback.

The consensus that the Giants are looking at UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen with their No. 2 overall pick has been apparent within the media and fan-base, but we must consider that Eli Manning’s successor might already be on the team.

Webb drew rave reviews from teammates and staff within the organization, which bodes well for his stock as we head towards the draft. With another guaranteed season under Manning, we can assume he will only continue to grow and progress into a potential future quarterback.

Here are some of his workout videos:

On the second video, Webb rolled out to his right on a play-action pass, showing extreme precision and placement with tight end Evan Engram. There’s no doubt that Webb is showing his work-ethic on the offseason and what he’s willing to do to become the Giants’ future quarterback.

In addition to his work-ethic, he’s building chemistry with current starters on the offense and saying all the right things to management.

Here’s what Webb said about his meetings with Dave Gettleman and Pat Shurmur, according to ESPN’s Jordan Raanan:

“I had a conversation with Mr. Gettleman and kind of told him how I felt and my abilities as a quarterback,” Webb said last week after a throwing session with a group of college players preparing for the draft. “I think there are enough people around the facility that believe in me and believe in my work ethic and believe in my ability to play quarterback one day for this franchise.”

“I want them to know that I’m here to be the best teammate possible and work very hard. I know we have a high pick in the draft. But nobody really knows but two people — that is coach Shurmur and Mr. Gettleman. So there can be a lot of guessing and stuff like that.”

“I’m preparing myself for whenever my opportunity comes,” Webb stated. “I get to work out with Eli Manning and NFL guys daily, couldn’t ask for anything more. I am working just for whenever an opportunity arrives. I am ready to play and play well.”

As long as the Cal product continues to show his discpline and loyalty to the franchise, there’s no doubt that he will receive is fair share of the opportunities moving forward. And if the Giants decide to pass on a quarterback in the upcoming draft, that would be a major indication of how the current regime feels about Webb.