Davis Webb Making Sure Giants Brass Notices His Offseason Improvement

davis webb, new york giants

New York Giants‘ quarterback Davis Webb is ripping an old page out of the book of quotes… “It doesn’t take talent to hustle.”

The rising sophomore entered the league with flaws in every part of his game, but has spent countless hours refining his skill set and proving to the Giants brass that he, in fact, has what it takes to be a starting caliber quarterback in the NFL.

Is that statement too premature? Maybe, but it shouldn’t take away from the tremendous effort and dedication Webb has given to the game thus far as a Giant.

“The biggest thing I take away from practice and every meeting in the NFL is it’s a process,” Webb told NJ Advance Media. “If you miss a question in a meeting, that’s fine. We’ll correct it, but don’t do it again. If you miss a throw or an adjustment, it’s fine.”

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While practice is just practice, Webb is doing everything he can to extract the value from the game-like situational drills he has performed during OTAs. His arm strength is more than adequate and his accuracy is improving with every pass, but the primary aspect of his game that needs refinement is his decision making.

Reading the coverage of the defense and breaking down their scheme is much easier said than done, and Webb’s mentor, Eli Manning, is certainly one of the best in the game at the specific challenge.

“I’m OK with making mistakes as long as I correct them and don’t do it again. That’s the thing I’m most excited about,” Webb stated.

Mistakes are a necessary part of any game and are essential to any learning process. Webb making the mistakes in practice only benefits him in the long-run, and having a solid defense to test his skills is exactly what he needs to continue building upon his current skill-set to eventually become the heir to the throne.

One of the most underrated aspects of Webb is his behind the scene work, where he took the initiative and began learning the offense with Manning as soon as Pat Shurmur hit the New York tarmac. Manning has been forced to learn several new offenses over the past few seasons, and adding another will only be another challenge to his dwindling prime. Luckily, Webb will have Manning’s expertise to fall back on and learn the ropes of coping with a massive change in regime and scheme.

“I had to do a lot of behind the scenes: Fake throws behind Eli, film work, which helped me expedite the process but you still need to throw to guys and call protections out,” Webb said. “Now, the biggest growth is I’m getting live reps.”

We aren’t the only ones that want Webb to get some game-action! The quarterback himself must be itching to have the opportunity to show how far he’s come since being drafted only one short year ago. To say he has improved would be an understatement, as a season under center behind a Hall of Fame quarterback would improve even the lamest of ducks.