Darkhorse Lineman Could Win Right Guard Spot For New York Giants

The New York Giants spent a well deserved second-round draft pick on UTEP offensive line Will Hernandez to solidify Eli Manning’s protection. The big left guard will compete for the starting job immediately, while former Jaguar left guard Patrick Omameh will also be in the mix.

Hernandez and Omameh both have experience playing at left and right guard, but Herenandez will likely be better suited to play on the left. Omameh could transition to the RG spot, but he will have competition.

The darkhorse lineman:

The Giants have little depth on the offensive line, but one player that really stands out is former Brown, John Greco.

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Greco played well in his last starting season (2016), earning a 81.5 grade. He ranked 20th out of 72 eligible guards. Omameh earned a 53.6 grade in 2017, ranking as the 36th ‘best’ guard in the NFL. That’s below average.

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What does this tell us? Greco might be the better option on the offensive line over Omameh. Hernandez should be considered the favorite to land the LG spot over Omameh, especially if the Giants are considering Greco at RG.

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To touch on Greco a bit more — in 2016, he finished the season with a 96.1 pass blocking efficiency rating. His ability to protect his quarterback is what separates him from the crowd, despite his average run-blocking rating. With the Giants acquiring Penn State running back Saquon Barkley, the run game will be more prominent than ever. Luckily, his agility and lateral movement will cover up the inability of the offensive lineman to open up running lanes.

Plugging in Greco to play on passing downs would essentially allow the offensive line to stay fresh and capable. Additionally, it would give Manning the time and security he needs to efficiently run the offense.