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Could the New York Giants partake in double trade-back technique to add insane value in NFL Draft


A crazy double trade back scenario to land the New York Giants an incredible haul in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Before fans settled on Isaiah Simmons being the next big thing for the New York Giants, the preferred draft move was to trade back and add value, subsequently landing them an offensive lineman or Isaiah Simmons with some luck. That reality seems to be on the backburner now, as Simmons climbs the draft board, and reports of Dave Gettleman’s love for him hit the headlines.

However, if the Giants really want to make the most out of the upcoming draft and add significant value, they will consider executing a trade-back to add another high-round pick. That’s the ideal scenario and would secure them several starting players who can make an impact in year one, but what if Big Blue managed to trade back twice, taking a page out of the Seahawks’ book?

What a double trade back might look like for the New York Giants:

Currently, the Giants sit idly in the 4th overall spot, but that could change in a mere moment. The Los Angeles Chargers and Miami Dolphins are quietly weighing their options and considering trading up to snag a quarterback of their choice.

The top 4 QBs in the draft are Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa, Justin Herbert, and Jordan Love. As we saw in 2019, when a team wants their quarterback, they shouldn’t hesitate to do everything possible to secure them, for example, using the 6th overall pick on a passer out of Duke. The quarterbacks’ in the upcoming draft seem to have even more potential, but the 4th option on the list, Jordan Love, could be the Giants’ golden goose.

Here are the teams interested in Love: Dolphins, Chargers, Raiders, Saints, Packers, and Colts. They all held a virtual meeting with the Utah State quarterback. With the Dolphins and Chargers right behind the Giants and likely to select Tua and Herbert consecutively, it offers the Giants an unlikely but possibly genius move.

In this scenario, Big Blue trade back with either the Dolphins or Chargers, gaining immense value in the draft — at least a second-rounder for their troubles. This also assumes Chase Young and Jeff Okudah are the 2nd/3rd overall picks for Washington and Detroit, which is realistic.

The Giants have traded back and already gained a 2nd rounder to spend at a position of need. Theoretically, Big Blue already has the ammo to lock down a premier pass rusher, top center prospect, and free safety. Gettleman could give the Raiders a call, but they recently signed Marcus Mariota, and Derek Carr is still slotted in as the starter. I don’t believe they’re ready to give up hope just yet, but wait! The Raiders have two second-round picks and could easily invest one of them on a high-ceiling player like Love, who otherwise might go to the Patriots — that should be reason enough to take a chance on him. It’s also important to mention that Mariota has only a $7.5 million deal cap hit in 2020 and can be cut for no cost after the season.

So, the Giants manage to trade back again with the Raiders, securing the 12th overall pick and the 19th overall pick. The Giants give up the 6th overall pick and the 36th overall pick in the process. Where does that leave Big Blue? They now have the 12th, 16th, and 37 or 38th pick. They can now land one of the top offensive tackles (Mekhi Becton, Tristan Wirfs, and Andrew Thomas could be available, K’Lavon Chaisson, and a new center in Cesar Ruiz.

What a haul! The Giants managed to plug the tackle position with a top player, land one of the best pass rushers in the draft, and a starting center for the foreseeable future.

Let me know what you think below!


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24 thoughts on “Could the New York Giants partake in double trade-back technique to add insane value in NFL Draft”

  1. A recent CBS Mock Draft predicts that very same trade (NYG sending pick 4 to JAX for Ngakoue and picks 9 & 73) – so it has some traction. But I’m not high on giving Ngakoue 20+ million a year – and Higgins did not impress (4.54 40 & poor shuttle times) at his Pro Day. BUF was high on him, but chose to trade for Diggs and deal pick after watching Higgins performance. NYG has opportunity to really work this draft and address multiple needs.

  2. Jacksonville/NYG Trade:

    NYG trade: # 4

    Jacksonville trades: Ngakoue, #9, #73

    NYG selects:

    #9 Jedrick Wills
    #36 Tee Higgins
    #73 Ashtyn Davis

  3. Lions not drafting Okudah, at least not at #3. They only select him if they’re able to trade down.

    Agree that a dream scenario has Tua still on the board when NYG selects but it’s just too logical for Miami and detroit to put a deal together (likely 5, 37 and 70 going back to Detroit, or possibly 26 and 70. Either way too many options for Miami to offer NOT to get this deal done).

    Our best hope is a bidding war between Chargers, Jacksonville, and Las Vegas to move up for Herbert. I suspect Gruden loves Herbert and Jacksonville is a natural fit with interesting assets including Ngakoue.

  4. that’s a fact, he’s awesome, I think he’s a first rounder. Open to the idea of trading up to snag him!

  5. And lastly, OT Ezra Cleveland (Boise State) is the best athlete at his position not named Tristan Wirfs – with a 4.93 40-time and 30-reps bench press, he was 2nd to only Wirfs (and he beat Wirfs times in the shuttle run and cone drill). He or OT Joshua Jones (Houston) would be legit options at pick 38.

  6. Interesting that their system makes you do that, and I agree with Simmons, I believe that Patrick Graham has the intelligence and knowledge to make the most of Simmons, I don’t think Gettleman can physically pass on him personally, but a tackle is such a big need… I’m struggling haha

  7. In my last post, I forgot to mention that picking another OC in Rd 6 (Shackelford) lets NYG cut ties with Pulley (and Halapio) and save $2.75 million in cap space.

  8. I signed-up for the Premium Membership ( and conducted a mock draft against “the Simulator”.

    I made 3 trades:

    Traded picks 4 & 218 to CAR for picks 7, 38 & 113
    Traded picks 7, 238 & 247 to DEN for picks 15, 46 & 95
    Traded pick 110 to PIT for picks 135 & 232

    (NOTE: I made the trade with PIT to redeem one of my 7th Rd picks, this system is not ideal and really undercuts your return value in trades – so NYG would do MUCH-MUCH better in reality than in this mock. It actually forced me to include 7th Rd picks to complete my 1st two trades).

    The system did allow me to select the following players:

    15. K’Lavon Chaisson, EDGE (LSU)
    36. Grant Delpit, S (LSU)
    38. Austin Jackson, OT (USC)
    46. Matt Hennessy, OC (Temple)
    95. Amik Robertson, CB (Louisiana Tech)
    99. Logan Wilson, LB (Wyoming)
    113. AJ Dillon, RB (Boston College)
    135. Anfernee Jennings, EDGE (Alabama)
    150. Antonio Gandy-Golden, WR (Liberty)
    183. Zack Shackelford, OC (Texas)
    232. Alex Taylor, OT (South Carolina State)
    255. Joey Magnifico, TE (Memphis)

    While the system short-changes you pretty good in trades, it also lets you pick players that may not dip that low – so here are some alternative picks in those cases:

    36. Antoine Winfield, S (Minnesota)
    99. Evan Weaver, LB (California)
    150. Isaiah Coulter, WR (Rhode Island)

    Of course NYG would not have to include 7th Rd picks just to complete major trades, so here is a short list of players to consider in the final round:

    QB Cole McDonald (Hawaii)
    WR Quez Watkins (Southern Mississippi)
    TE Jacob Breeland (Oregon)
    DE Derek Tuszka (North Dakota State)
    LB Carter Coughlin (Minnesota)
    CB Reggie Robinson II (Tulsa)
    CB AJ Green (Oklahoma State)
    CB Levonta Taylor (Florida State)
    CB John Reid (Penn State)

    I love Isaiah Simmons and I think he could have an “LT” like impact on our defense and be a perennial Pro Bowl candidate, and it kills me to pass him over. But in exchange NYG would be getting Chaisson, Jackson, Hennessy, Robertson and Dillon. Chaisson, Jackson and Hennessy all have a chance to be solid starters and contributors for years to come. Robertson would add quality depth to the secondary – and Dillon is a much needed workhorse to spell Saquan if the Giants are going to be in fact a Run-First team like Coach judge implied.

    I am certainly no expert, but if NYG can get these picks (or anything close – or even better) – I say go-for-it. GM Gettleman can really make a difference and set this team up for success in the future if he’s open to change (and trades-down). Coach Judge, we need you NOW!

  9. I’m not against a double trade back, but to only get a first rounder out of it is not nearly enough. To go from 4-5 should cost the dolpins at least a 2nd and 3rd. then to go from 6-12 should cost the raider there 2 first and a 3rd. So they should have a minimum of 2 1st rounders (12 and 19) 2 2nd rounders and a 3rd.

    I would take that

  10. Dream scenario but dont trust Gettleman to secure that kind of deal. He has no concept of trade value (see Leonard William’s, JPP trades)

  11. To move from 12 to 6 will take much more than a second round pick. That is a terrible trade for the Giants.

  12. I feel that Detroit will sit pretty and take Young or Simmons but who knows what they will do, they’re the wild card

  13. Not a believable scenario. What you are suggesting is exactly what Detroit will do with the #3 pick. They are in the driver’s seat because for the #1 and #2 team they both covet Burrows and Young. I am hoping for what you are suggesting but I don’t know that I believe it will work out that way.

  14. On the Triple Trade Back: That is what I would do if I was the Giants GM. And this is assuming Chase Young, Jeff Okudah go 2 & 3.

  15. Why go all the way back to the Raiders? The Giants will get offers for the 4th pick from mutiple other teams, and then they should swap with the Dolphins out of their fear of missing out on Tua. Then the same thing will repeat itself, they’ll get multiple offers for 5th, and out of the Chargers fear of missing out on Herbert they should swap with them, and there you have it, you get multiple mid round picks (a couple 2nd’s or 3rd’s – at least), and now at pick #6 you still get the same guy you would of picked at 4.
    (And if you want to get even more draft capital, and be even more gutsy, as long as you haven’t fallen in love with anyone available in the top 10, then swap that pick (#6) to the Raiders or a team like that, that wants Jordan Love, and maybe even get another 1st and a couple mid rounders!!!)

  16. Very interesting….. I believe there will be a lot of movement in this draft . We need to be smart and take advantage of the talent that is out there. Can’t focus on one or two players.

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