Can Kyle Lauletta Be The Next Franchise Quarterback For The New York Giants?

Oct 24, 2015; Harrisonburg, VA, USA; Richmond Spiders quarterback Kyle Lauletta (5) rolls out against the James Madison Dukes during the first half at Bridgeforth Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

As we all know, the New York Giants did not get a future franchise quarterback with the No. 2 overall pick in this year’s NFL draft.  They drafted a franchise running back to pair with a generational wide receiver instead. They also started to rebuild the franchises most important position on the field, the offensive line.

Despite adding several high quality players to the offensive side of the ball, Giants fans still crave an answer at quarterback. The solution ‘could’ be Kyle Lauletta.

Lauletta was not the most sought after quarterback going into college or coming to the NFL.  He knew that to capture his dream of playing in the NFL, it would be an uphill battle. Lauletta has always had a chip on his shoulder since being rejected by some of the big schools that looked at himPenn State for example.

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Instead, he went to Richmond where he was still able to play football, but his dream of playing in the NFL appeared to get further out of his reach.

However, Lauletta made the very most out of his experience at Richmond.  He was not the flashiest of QBs, but he got the job done. From everything I have read, seen and heard, Lauletta’s football IQ is ‘very high’.  That can be noted simply from Kyle having four different offensive coordinator in his career at Richmond. Sophomore, Junior and Senior year, Lauletta still threw for over 3,000 yards in each season with a different OC.  

Learning new plays, schemes, route patterns, the whole sh-bang, isn’t easy with a new OC, but Kyle made it work.

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I know what a lot of you may be saying, ‘Well, it’s the FCS’.  Yeah, but while Kyle was there, he made Richmond better. Anyway, Kyle was able to work on his mechanics despite not having a great arm. With that being said, I believe that his arm is more than capable.

You want to know why? Because he’s accurate.

Lauletta earned a completion percentage of 64.9 and had a TD-INT ratio of 28-12 in 2017. Throwing in the NFL is all about throwing to a spot and having that tiny window to fit the ball through the defense to your receiver. That’s what I’m looking for in a quarterback and that’s what Kyle Lauletta can do. Ever season in Lauletta’s college career has seen an increase in completion percentage, which bodes well to his potential in the NFL. Further development from professional coaches could be exactly what he needs to reach his potential.

What about his arm strength issues?

Arm strength can be increased, and he already has a leg-up on other backup quarterbackshis footwork and timing.

While at Richmond, Lauletta was able to time footwork to match up with the receiver’s route breaks. Yeah, I’d say that’s one leg up on the competition. That’s something that many quarterbacks coming into the NFL lack, and he’s mastered it already. If you don’t have those two crucial skills, then making a precise NFL pass will be a lot harder.

Adding all three of those abilities together, the timing, accuracy and footwork, I’m going to say the Giants could very well have their quarterback of the future; this is looking past any of his other weaknesses.  Those mechanics are something that NFL teams can work with and what we should be excited about.

Some of you may not like this comparison, but I’m making this comparison through a draft profile only. I’m not looking at what this quarterback has done throughout his career, because nobody thought this man would have accomplished half of what he has.  Tom Brady. Similar to Lauletta, Brady’s NFL draft profile did not scream professional quarterback. It was a very rough scouting profile and no one could have guessed that Brady would have turned out like he has. Again, I’m basing this solely off of the combine scouting reports and profiles, ‘weak’ and ‘rough’.

Lauletta could be one of these hidden gem quarterbacks, similar to Brady, but who knows what the future has in store. One person who I have the utmost faith in when it comes to evaluating quarterbacks is Ernie Accorsi, former Giants general manager.

Accorsi was responsible for drafting John Elway, Bernie Kosar and, of course, Eli Manning.  I think all of those quarterbacks panned out just fine. Accorsi said that Lauletta could be the ‘steal’ of the draft.  He continued, ”you can increase arm strength, but he has everything else.”

Yeah, I’m sold.  I shouldn’t have had to look into everything else after I heard this from Ernie, because he knows quarterbacks. His resume when it comes to drafting quarterbacks speaks for itself. I think the Giants might have found their guy for the future. I’ve heard NFL ‘experts’ say that Lauletta would be the perfect successor to Tom Bradyjust from that, I think we got ourselves a winner.  I’m not putting all my eggs into the Lauletta basket and saying he’s the next Brady, but I’d say this is a pretty good start for the Giants.

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