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An In-Depth Look at the New York Giants Secondary.

In 2016, the New York Giants identified their secondary as the NYPD (New York Pass Defense) and was the second-best overall defense in the NFL. 2017 was a different story, the secondary lacked depth and Eli Apple regressed significantly in his sophomore season.

This offseason, Dave Gettleman has made an obvious effort to bring more competition and depth to the Giants’ secondary. Adding depth to the secondary will also add competition to special teams. Many secondary players play on special teams as well and should be able to contribute right away if they want to make the team.

Current Defensive Back Roster

Name Position Ht. Wt. Age
Janoris Jenkins CB 5’10” 190 30
Eli Apple CB 6’1″ 201 23
Donte Deayon CB 5’9″ 158 24
Brandon Dixon CB 5’11” 203 28
Jeremiah McKinnon CB 5’10” 197 25
Tim Scott CB 5’11” 195 25
Teddy Williams CB 6’1″ 210 30
Curtis Riley CB 6’0″ 190 26
B.W. Webb CB 5’11” 190 28
William Gay CB 5’10” 187 33
C.J. Goodwin CB 6’4″ 220 28
Landon Collins S 6’0″ 218 24
Darian Thompson S 6’2″ 208 25
Michael Thomas S 5’11” 195 28
Andrew Adams S 5’11” 205 26
Ryan Murphy S 6’0″ 214 26
Orion Stewart S 6’2″ 205 24


Janoris Jenkins, Landon Collins, and Eli Apple are probably the only players that are pretty much guaranteed to start. After that, nobody really jumps off the page, but I do not think that should be too concerning.

Although there may not be many, if any, superstar defensive backs on this team, there is a lot of competition. William Gay, Curtis Riley, B.W. Webb, Micheal Thomas, and Teddy Williams are proven contributors in the NFL in the secondary and on special teams as well.

Darian Thompson and Andrew Adams have been with the team for two seasons now and have played well but under the radar. Both players have been competent in playing complementary roles on this defense, playing next to Landon Collins.

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While the Giants secondary was not the only unit that struggled last season, their special teams were among the worst in the league. If you are a defensive back, you better be able to play special teams as well. The Giants are banking on the fact that many of these players will be able to help special teams as well as the secondary, and it is not crazy to think it is possible.

Bringing in these veterans that can play at different positions can only help the New York Giants. I expect the Giants secondary to improve this season.



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