New York Giants

Alec Ogletree Opens up About Joining The New York Giants

The New York Giants have a new face on the roster and his name is Alec Ogletree. The Former Ram has made the transition to New York, and he’s preparing to take on a massive role on the defense as the MIC linebacker.

Ogletreee is coming off a down year that saw his tackle totals drop by 35 (98 to 63). While he undoubtedly has the ability to be a top-notch linebacker in the NFL, given his 2016 stats (98 tackles and 10 passes defended), he has still struggled with consistency throughout his carrer. One of the most enticing things about the sixth-year LB is his durability – only missing consistent games in 2015 where he only played four the entire season. He bounced back in a big way the year after, showing that the injury troubles were only temporary.

His durability certainly played a major part in seeing GM Dave Gettleman to his door step and asking for his services from the Rams. Although he has a base salary of $10 million per-year, he was an essential signing due to the transition to a 3-4 defense.

Here’s what Ogletree had to say about making the move to the Giants, according to Big Blue View:

“It’s been going good,” Ogletree said. “Like you said, over time you work on it and the more reps you get, the better you get at something and it’s been good so far.”

In regard to playing with new teammates:

“You have to adjust, playing with different guys,” Ogletree said. “I feel like I’ve tried to take my time and just learn each guy and how they play, so I can adjust my game to theirs and do the same. So, it’s a work in progress for sure, but I feel like we’re on the right track, for sure.”

On being the leader of the defense:

“I guess it’s been said I’ve been the quarterback of the defense, I guess,” Ogletree said. “But at my position, it comes with some sense of leadership, where you’ve got to get guys lined up and stuff. But for me, I try to lead by example, and doing the right thing before I say something. Just so you can see it instead of just listening to what I’m saying. If I’m speaking the right thing, I’ve got to be doing the right thing.”

One of the most admirable attributes that Alec acquires is his ability to lead. The Giants have lacked a true voice in the locker room and leader on the field. Jonathan Casillas was thought to be the leader on the defense going back the past few years, but his play wasn’t good enough to take his teammates to the next level. Ogletree has that talent, and he will be seeking a resurgence with Big Blue.

What should we expect from him?

“Just a guy that’s going to play full 60 minutes,” Ogletree said. “A hard worker, hopefully a leader on this team and a guy that’s just going to fight to win each and every down and fight all the way to the end, no matter what the score is.”

The Giants have made it a priority to bring in guys that will fight until the very last moment, queue the Will Hernandez “Hulk Smash!” It’s a bright future ahead, and if the team can continue to develop and stay positive, there’s no reason the Giants can’t turn their 3-13 season into a playoff one.