Brandon Moreno submits Deiveson Figueiredo to become UFC flyweight champion

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In the co-main event of UFC 263, we saw the flyweight title rematch from one of the fights of the year in 2020. The flyweight champion Deiveson Figueiredo (20-1-1) was back to defend his title against top contender Brandon Moreno (18-5-2).

These two men first met back at UFC 256 in December. The two men went to war in an instant classic. Figueiredo started extremely fast looking for the finish, but Brandon Moreno was game. Moreno took the best shots from the champion and would fire right back.

Overall, Figueiredo was getting the better of Moreno ever so slightly in December. However, a massive kick that landed low cost Figueiredo a point. That one-point deduction took away a decision win for Figueiredo and made the fight a draw.

Since the two men fought to a draw, the UFC decided to run things back tonight. Heading into this fight, this was the favorite for fight of the night and given the first fight, it was easy to see why.

UFC 263 Recap

Round 1

The UFC 263 flyweight title fight started out with a touch of the gloves. Immediate pressure from Figueiredo to start the fight, but Moreno quickly takes the center of the octagon. Moreno lands the first strike with a big leg kick.

Jab lands for Moreno. Another leg kick for Brandon Moreno. Moreno pushes forward with a combination, and Figueiredo is just feeling things out early. Lead left hook for Brandon Moreno and he’s the one pressing things early.

Moreno pushes forward and lands again. Figueiredo lands his first shot and its a massive hook to the body. Moreno using a ton of volume here in the first. Figueiredo looks for a right hand, but nothing lands. Step-in elbow lands for Figueiredo.

Good combination lands for Brandon Moreno. The UFC champion lands a big leg kick, but Moreno is throwing way more here. Moreno drops Figueiredo as the champion was coming in and he settles into the champion’s guard. Big moment for the challenger here.

Figueiredo looks comfortable on his back as he looks to sweep. The champion gets back to his feet and Moreno pops him with a jab. Kick lands for Moreno and the round closes. Lopsided first round for the challenger at UFC 263.

Round 2

Entering the second round and all the momentum is with the challenger here. Figueiredo takes the center to start the second. Moreno hits Figueiredo clean with a left hand, but the champion gets a body lock.

Figueiredo lands the takedown and immediately starts to look for his top guillotine. Elbows to the body landing for the champion. Figueiredo looking to connect his hands here and lock in the submission. Moreno forces the scramble and he pushes Figueiredo against the fence.

Moreno lands a takedown of his own and he briefly has Figueiredo’s back. However, Figueiredo spins and gets it to full guard. Good elbows from the bottom lands for Figueiredo. Another solid elbow for Figueiredo lands from the bottom.

Figueiredo forces a scramble, but Moreno is able to hold the top position. The round comes to a close and it’s a close one. However, with the bottom work and early top control, I lean towards the champion in round 2 at UFC 263.

Round 3

Entering the third round it’s either tied or 2-0 Moreno at UFC 263. Moreno takes the center to start the third round. Body kick lands for Figueiredo. Spinning back kick and a jab lands for the champion. Leg kick lands for Moreno, but Figueiredo counters with a straight.

Tons of pressure from Brandon Moreno here. Moreno gets a takedown and spins to the back of the champion. Body triangle for Moreno and he’s close on a rear-naked choke. However, Figueiredo defends well, but he’s in trouble in the third.

Moreno softens Figueiredo with a couple of shots and slips in the choke even deeper. Figueiredo tries to fight it, but is forced to tap. Brandon Moreno is the first Mexican-Born UFC champion.

Brandon Moreno def. Deiveson Figueiredo by Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)

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