What Should The Giants Do With Left Tackle Ereck Flowers?

What should happen with Ereck Flowers?
For the New York Giants, figuring out to do with left tackle Ereck Flowers should be at the top of the priorities list going into the offseason.
The 2015 first-round pick was selected in the top 10, making him a tough cut if the Giants decided to part ways with the below average tackle. But, there are several things Big Blue can do with the No. 10 overall pick that don’t involve sending him to the wolves.
1.) Move him to right tackle
The consensus since Flowers was drafted was that he was never a good fit at left tackle, and his traditional position at right tackle seconds that assumption. It’s a tough sell for Dave Gettleman to let Flowers walk, so they might as well keep him for one more season. The 2018 campaign will be Flowers’ last on his rookie deal, and he will be making a mere $4.5 million for his less than adequate services.
Giving him a shot at his former position might be the best move for the Giants, since letting him protect Eli Manning’s blind-side is not advisable. If Flowers succeeds at right tackle, it opens up the door for him to be resigned for a fraction of the cost of a potential free agent, and it allows the Giants to draft a left tackle.
2.) Make him a depth player at left tackle
I would assume it’s in everybody’s best interest to keep Flowers away from the left tackle position, and making him a depth player could be more along the lines of his current stature with the team. Every team needs a reserve left tackle, and Flowers could be the guy for the job in case the worst possible situation comes to reality.
3.) Keep him starting at left tackle
Flowers was the only player on the offensive line to not miss a snap for injury related reasons in 2017. Unfortunately, that didn’t help the Giants offense succeed any more than if he were injured… In fact, when he was de-activated in the season finale for "checking out," they won.
To put this into perspective, if Flowers remains the starter at left tackle in 2018, we made a serious mistake with Dave Gettleman at general manager.

Source: Sportoversu