What If The Giants Trade Back And Select A Different Quarterback?

What if the Giants trade back and still take a quarterback?
The overall basis when drafting a quarterback is that they should be at least 6-foot-2, simply because it makes seeing over the offensive line easier, but is that a necessity?
Quarterbacks Drew Brees (6’0") and Russell Wilson (5’11") both stand below the average height of a quarterback and are still two of the NFL’s top players. So to answer the question of is height a necessity… Not exactly. Brees makes up for his lack of height with extreme precision and vision, while Wilson is mobile and able to escape the pocket and move the chains with his legs.
For the New York Giants, Eli Manning (6’4") has been the face of the franchise since 2004, but his time is quickly coming to an end as he nears the end of his contract.
The Giants hold the No. 2 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, which raises the question: What should they do with it?
Personally, I’m an advocate of trading back, but I also think the Giants do need to begin planning for the after-Manning era. So here’s an option that might be enticing for the front-office of Big Blue.
If the Giants trade back and add an additional second and third-round pick, they can draft Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield and address the offensive line and linebacker in the second-round. The problem with Mayfield is that he has been compared to Johnny Manziel and stands at only 6-feet tall, which can be bothersome for some team representatives. But remember, Pat Shurmur turned the 6-foot-1 Case Keenum into a more than serviceable quarterback, so I wouldn’t necessarily say Mayfield’s height is an issue. His biggest issue is his potential personality issues, which I believe will be fixed with a year behind Manning under his belt.
Of course, we can make the argument: Why draft Mayfield when we can just draft Rosen, Darnold or Allen at No.2?
The idea surrounding every team is to build through the draft, and what better way to do that than with more draft picks? The Giants can trade back, still snag Mayfield and address several other positions. There’s not doubt that Mayfield has the passion and talent to be a dominant force in the league for years to come, but the biggest issue will be harnessing his potential.
Potential trade back:
Giants trade back to the Jets’ pick at No. 6, receive an additional second and third-rounder, plus more potentially. Giants put themselves in a position to draft Mayfield or Saquon Barkley.

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