What A Perfect First-Round For The New York Giants Would Look Like

Here’s what a perfect first-round for the Giants might look like:
General manager of the New York Giants Dave Gettleman, has publicly expressed his confidence in franchise quarterback Eli Manning, further surrounding caution around selecting a signal caller in the first-round of the 2018 NFL draft.
What would a great first-round look like?
There are a ton of people that think the Giants need to move on from Manning, and that passing up on quarterbacks like Josh Rosen or Josh Allen would be a huge mistake.
Here’s my take:
The Giants have holes at linebacker, cornerback, several on the offensive line, and throw in running back for shits and giggles. Notice how quarterback is not a ‘pressing’ need, nor should it be with Manning and Davis Webb on the roster. Taking a quarterback with a majority of the defense in question and a stripped offensive line would be disastrous, especially since the QB taken would need at least one-year to develop into a starting caliber player (In addition, Manning doesn’t want to help develop his competition).
What would a perfect first-round look like?
As stated before, the Giants have various glaring holes that need to be filled through the draft with youth, and not aging veteran talent. That’s a Jerry Reese fix, not a Dave Gettleman one.
For Big Blue, a perfect first-round would be the following:
Trading back with the New York Jets to the 6th overall pick would not only allow the Giants to still have a prime selection, but it would also enable them to collect additional draft picks (potentially another second-rounder in 2019). In this instance, let’s assume the Giants receive an additional second-rounder.
With the sixth-pick, the Giants could still be in the mix to grab running back Saquon Barkley. The Penn State star back would open up the offense for Manning exponentially, and it would provide a security blanket for Odell Beckham Jr. Imagine an offense featuring Beckham Jr., Sterling Shepard, Brandon Marshall, Evan Engram, and Barkley.
One of the two picks in the second round should be used on an offensive lineman — potentially West Georgia’s Desmond Harrison. Scouts have been raving about Harrison’s abilities, including his size and speed. The West Georgia product could play a pivotal role in replacing Ereck Flowers, or taking over at right tackle where Bobby Hart used to suck.
The other second-round pick could be used on a linebacker, preferably Rashaad Evans out of Alabama. If Evans is still available early in the second, the Giants MUST pounce.
Of course, this is a hypothetical draft, yet a possible realistic situation the Giants might find themselves in.

Source: Sportoversu