Tom Brady Still Can't Stand Two Specific Super Bowl Losses

Brady still holding onto bad memories:
As the New England Patriots and Tom Brady prepare to strive for their 6th Super Bowl, the only team standing in their path is the Philadelphia Eagles.
Even if Brady can accomplish yet another win on the biggest stage of football, he will still be haunted by sour memories from years past, and it may make New York Giants fans quite happy.
Tom vs. Time," Brady expresses his regret and pain for losing two Super Bowl’s to the Giants.Winning five Super Bowls is more than any other player can say for themselves, but Brady has the competitive nature of an alien and still hangs onto the games he failed to win. On the Facebook Watch documentary "
“Oh man, this is painful, just clicking on it, just – the 2007 Super Bowl. This one’s still painful,” Brady stated as he scrolled through his Super Bowl archive. “When you lose on the biggest stage, and you know everyone’s watching, and you’ve committed so much of your life to what you’re doing, you’re becoming a failure in front of everybody else, it’s a talent show that you did when you were a kid and you were the failure.”
Super Bowl XLII stung the most for Brady, as he remembers one specific play that still haunts him to this day. It was a third-and-20 with 19 seconds remaining in the game when he sent a hail-mary down the field to Randy Moss. As Moss went up to secure the pass, Giants’ cornerback Corey Webster leaped to make what Brady said was "the freakin’ play of his life."
“And that was all she wrote. . . [expletive]. I’ll never let go of those losses. That scar tissue is too deep, it’s too thick," Brady said.
Putting a dent in Brady’s rather perfect career is a big win for the Giants and their fans, even if we’ve held onto it for far too long… But then again, when you have something over Brady, you use it as ammunition for as long as possible!

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