The Only Trade-Back Option The New York Giants Should Consider

As the 2018 NFL draft quickly approaches for the New York Giants, rumors and ideas are swirling at an astronomical rate. All we can do is speculate and enjoy the ride, but let’s get one thing straight, trading back in the draft should be an option on the table.

The likely trade-back scenarios involve both the Buffalo Bills and Denver Broncos, but for the Giants, only one team would offer them the value they seek.

The best and only option:

The Giants didn’t go 3-13 for nothing, they earned the No. 2 overall pick for their lack of effort, and with that lack of effort comes a blue chip player… Go figure!

By trading back with the Bills, the Giants would subsequently get their No. 12 and 22 overall picks, and that’s not what you want if you’re the Giants. It guarantees two good players, but it doesn’t guarantee the likes of a ‘great’ player. Trading back with the Broncos is the route the Giants need to explore if they choose to trade back. Why? Because they would still land in the top five picks and have access to the cream of the crop.

Players like Bradley Chubb, Baker Mayfield, Quenton Nelson, Derwin James, and even Saquon Barkley could all be available at No. 5.

According to Walter Football’s draft pick value chart, the No. 2 pick is valued at 2,600, while the No. 5 pick lands at 1,700. That’s nearly a 1,000 difference, so let’s see what Denver would have to give up to reach 2,600 plus an additional 600 for the ‘want’ factor. Keep in mind the 2019 draft lacks significant talent at quarterback, which raises the stakes exponentially.

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What does Gettleman and Co. receive in exchange for the No. 2 pick?

Right off the bat, the Giants would receive the No. 5 pick (1,700), then their second rounder (40th overall, 500), and a 2019 first-rounder (1,000, average first-round value).

This lands the Giants two first round picks, one of which is a blue chip quality selection, a high second rounder and an additional first rounder for 2019. With the Broncos in dire need of QB help, we can assume they will finish the 2018 campaign in the middle of the pack if not in the bottom half.

Of course, this is all a speculation and ideal scenario, but in the case of a potential trade-back, making a deal with the Broncos would be the absolute most beneficial to New York.


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