The No. 1 Reason Odell Beckham Jr. Is Going To Light Up The NFL In '18

OBJ is ready to roll:
When Odell Beckham Jr. went down with a devastating ankle injury in week five of the 2017 season, the New York Giants went down with him. Righting a ship after losing the captain and most dynamic ship-mate is nearly impossible, and we saw what happened when the Giants lost their only source of life on offense.
Beckham’s broken ankle has healed nicely, and several training videos will back up that assumption.
The questions is: Can he return to form in 2018? Or will he see a fall of due to the injury?
I vote on the first option, because Beckham Jr. wants to compete, and he won’t let nerves or caution on his ankle stop him from succeeding.
The Giants’ star-receiver spoke with new head coach Pat Shurmur over the weekend, and Shurmur stated that Beckham Jr. "sounds inspired."
With the new coaching tandem in place, OBJ has every right to feel like the culture is changing and success is on the horizon. And despite all of the antics he pulls in games and the passion he lets flood onto the field with every catch or touchdown, he’s exactly the type of player Shurmur wants on his side.
During Shurmur’s introduction, he expressed his want for players that love to play the game and that aren’t just there for the money. OBJ is one of those players.
I’ve heard people disgracing Beckham Jr. for his antics and immaturity, but we must remember that he was thrown into a world of celebrities over-night (due to "The Catch"). For the most part, he’s handled the stardom with ease, staying out of legal trouble and being an exemplary player off the field. Of course, his passion spills over onto the field every now and then, but all of the great players lose their cool sometimes…
I bet everybody would want Terrell Owens on their team, even after all of the skeptical actions he carried out. Or Randy Moss, who pulled down his pants in-front of an entire crowd. How about Michael Crabtree and Aqib Talib who got into a ferocious fight last season… Or maybe Andre Johnson for fighting Cortland Finnegan a few seasons ago.
The greats fight, and they whine (Tom Brady), but that’s why they’re great… You can’t be a star without confidence, and of course, some people are better than others (Eli Manning, Drew Brees, Matt Ryan), but everybody is different, and we shouldn’t expect them to all be the same.
Excuse me for the rant, but in needed to be said.
Beckham Jr. is just a kid, and kids do stupid things… The guy is more passionate about the game of football than the entire offense was last season combined. That’s the No. 1 reason he will have an amazing season in 2018, not because he’s skilled, but because he channels his passion into his abilities.

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