The No. 1 Player The New York Giants Need To Unload

The top player the Giants need to let go:
For the New York Giants, overhauling the coaching staff was the first step in taking the organization to new heights, but several players also need to hit the road to get the ball rolling.
In this article we will discuss one player in specific, and his name is Brandon Marshall.
The veteran receiver is only two-seasons removed from a 1,500-yards, 14 touchdown campaign, but struggled mightily with Eli Manning and the Giants in 2017. His purpose was to compete opposite Odell Beckham Jr. and give Manning a big-bodied target to utilize in the red-zone. Marshall finished 2017 as his only year without a single touchdown catch.
Marshall will take up $6.1 million in cap-space in 2018, a devastating amount considering the current state of the Giants’ financial situation. General manager Dave Gettleman could easily unload the former Jet and find a replacement for a fraction of the cost — likely a player that can perform just as good if not better.
Available Free Agents:
There are several free agents that could fit the bill opposite Beckham Jr., and provide Manning with additional quality to complement Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram.
1.) Eric Decker
Decker has the frame (6-foot-3) to be a quality red-zone target for Manning. In the four seasons he was heavily used (2012-2015), Decker recorded 39 overall touchdowns. On the open market, he might only run the Giants $2-3 million, less than half of what they’re current;y paying for Marshall.
2.) Sammy Watkins
The once highly touted wide receiver has fallen off in recent years, struggling to maintain a starting role on any team due to injuries. His size and speed is still apparent, but taking a gamble on him might be worth the money.
The Giants could offer him a one-year prove-it deal of around $2-3 million, which would be a great price considering his talents.
3.) Jordan Matthews
The former Eagle has struggled to find his place in the NFL, even after recording 16 touchdowns in two-seasons. On the Bills in 2017, Matthews finished the year with 282-yards and a single score — underwhelming for a player of his talents.
The Giants could likely sign the 6-foot-3 receiver for cheap, and his upside is well worth the money.
4.) Terrelle Pryor
Standing at 6-foot-6, Terrelle Pryor is a very intriguing option for New York. His speed and size would be a solid complement to Beckham Jr. and he would give Manning a big-target to throw towards.
The problem with Pryor is that he’s inconsistent, but he wouldn’t be the featured wide receiver, which would take a majority of the pressure off his shoulders.
The Giants might be able to snag him on a one-year deal for $3 million.

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