The Giants Should Grab This Running Back to Replace Shane Vereen

Credits: Mark J. Rebilas
Here’s a solid option at running back for the Giants:
The New York Giants are void of some key pieces on offense, specifically a third-down back that ‘actually’ moves the chains and doesn’t get injured every other game.
Shane Vereen used to be that man for the Giants, but after tearing his triceps twice, the former Patriot never looked the same.
New head coach for Big Blue Pat Shurmur, may have a solution at running back for the Giants, and no, this wouldn’t get in the way of potentially drafting Saquon Barkley.
Shurmur worked extensively with now free agent Jerick McKinnon on the Minnesota Vikings, and he could be a the perfect option to replace Vereen in the backfield.
McKinnon recorded 570-yards rushing and three touchdowns in 2017, in addition to 421 receiving-yards with two scores through the air. The specialized running back would be an upgrade from Vereen at this point in his career, and he would likely cost less as well.
The free agent would garner an estimated $2 million per-season on the open market, which is far less than Vereen’s $4 million he’s currently making with the Giants. Luckily for New York, 2017 was the last year of his three-year, $12.35 million contract, opening up a bit of cap space to sign another player.
Of course, the Giants could choose to save the money and promote Wayne Gallman to the third-down back. Gallman flashed serious potential in 2017, showing that he can break tackles and pick up extra yards with his agility.
Personally, I like the value in McKinnon, as he’s a dangerous threat out of the backfield and very durable. McKinnon has only missed six games in four years, and only one in the last three. His health and skill alone are deserving of an opportunity with Big Blue.

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