Report: Giants Pat Shurmur Making Run At Offensive Coordinator

Giants making push for offensive coordinator:
While the Super Bowl has ended and the 2017 season is officially a thing of the past, the games have just begun for the New York Giants as they carry out a massive rebuild of their team.
Newly named head coach Pat Shurmur decided to wait until the Super Bowl was over to decide on an offensive coordinator, but it seems as if he’s targeting a man that has been free to sign for a few weeks now.
Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback coach Kevin Stefanski is the man that Shurmur wants to bring to New York, and a stellar option at that. Stefanski helped shape Case Keenum into the quarterback that took the Vikings to the NFC Championship game.
According to Alex Marvez of Sporting News, Shurmur want to name Stefanski the Giants’ new offensive coordinator. Other reports have Stefanski working as a quarterback coach once again for Shurmur; while that might not be as enticing, it would still be a major move to the biggest sports market in the world.
Stefanski is also being considered for the offensive coordinator position by the Vikings, which would make him Shurmur’s replacement. It seems we have a power struggle between two franchises for the young quarterback coach.
From Stefanski’s perspective, we can assume he would rather take the OC job in Minnesota than remain a quarterback coach for Shurmur in New York. But if the Giants offer him to OC job to complement Shurmur, it could sway his opinion on the matter.
He undoubtedly would be a great addition considering his ability to develop quarterbacks and bring the best of out them. It would also put more positive speculation on the drafting of a quarterback with the No. 2 overall pick for the Giants.

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