New York Mets Sign Todd Frazier

The New York Mets have rounded out their infield by signing third baseman Todd Frazier to a two year, $17 million deal.
Last year the veteran third baseman hit .213 with 27 home runs and 76 RBIs playing with the Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees. The Mets look at Frazier to bring more of his veteran leadership and big bat to a lineup that already had Yoenis Cespedes and Jay Bruce.
The Mets infield will likely have Frazier at third, Amed Rosario at shortstop, Asdrubal Cabrera at first and Adrian Gonzalez at first base. If Frazier produces the same way and even puts up a higher average, the Mets could have themselves a very productive lineup.
Some negatives fans may bring up is getting Frazier at $8.5 million a year may be too high for him, but in terms of what other third basemen are asking for a price, $6 million to $9 million is about what Frazier’s value is.
Other fans may complain about the low average and high strike out numbers but his walks increased and strikeouts decreased last season. If Frazier brings his 30 homer power and returns to the 25-30 doubles per year hitter he was with the Reds, the Mets have themselves a good signing. It is possible for Frazier to return to that form as Yankee Stadium is not as doubles friendly when compared to Citi Field.
The big question now is, are the Mets officially done with David Wright? The Mets have not forgotten about Wright but at age 35 and unable to play a full season anymore the team is moving on to a future where if Wright produces, it will have to come from a bench role.

Source: Sportoversu

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