New York Giants Pat Shurmur Bringing Back Essential Offensive Tool

Giants bringing back under-used tool on offense:
If there’s anything to love about New York Giants‘ new head coach Pat Shurmur, it’s his unique style of running an offense.
This past season, Shurmur was named the NFL’s assistant coach of the year, primarily for his un-predictable offensive scheme’s, something the Giants have lacked in recent years under Ben McAdoo.
Shurmur has promised to bring back one huge tool, and it promotes a balanced offensive attack that keeps the defense on their toes.
Utilizing the screen game opens up the middle of the field for receivers, especially under play-action. Shumur is known for his play-action, while McAdoo shy’d away from using Eli Manning’s strength. Luckily, Shurmur is keen on playing to players’ strengths and not stubbornly forcing them to carry out his plans.
If the Giants plan on taking a running back in the draft, we can expect it to be an all-around player — a guy that can be used as a work-horse on first and second down, as well as on third and in short-yardage situations. This closely describes Penn State’s Saquon Barkley, but there are other value picks in later rounds that can fill this role.
Nonetheless, adding diversity to the offense is essential moving forward, and with Shurmur’s discipline and creativity, we should see an entirely different unit in 2018.

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