New York Giants: Davis Webb Displays Extreme Growth In One Play

Mini-camp is as close as you can get to live-game action for the New York Giants and any NFL team. This bodes well for quarterback Davis Webb, who’s displaying his full range of skills.

Webb spent a majority of the offseason working with trainers and developing as a pass-thrower in all facets of the game. He worked on his accuracy, arm strength, footwork, and mental prowess in regard to moving through his progressions and reading coverage.

Webb has spent day and night learning the offense and preparing for his opportunity. His mentality and approach has been world class since being drafted in 2017. But the most impressive part of his camp came from one play, which subsequently broke down his growth this offseason and what we have to look forward to.

The most impressive play:

For a young quarterback, moving through every progression and analyzing the defense and deciding the best course of action is a struggle. For Webb, it’s another day at practice. The Giants’ second-year signal caller displayed his improved skill-set, moving through his progressions and running the ball for a touchdown once realizing his receivers were covered well.

That’s exactly what we want to see from Webb, because we now know he’s seeing the defense well and seeing it fast. Speed is a quarterbacks best friend, and his tenacity and aggressive nature in regard to improvement is proving to be beneficial.

What’s even better – Webb ‘ran’ for a touchdown, something we don’t hear very often with Eli Manning as our quarterback. The young legs are active and even mobile… Something we should be very happy about moving forward.