Landon Collins Is Finally Ready To Become The Leader We Need

The culture is changing fast for the Giants, and it starts with Landon Collins:
The biggest promise that new general manager for the New York Giants Dave Gettleman made once being introduced to the fan-base is as follows. He ensured that the culture would change and that only players that wanted to win would be utilized on the team moving forward.
This sentiment flows parallel with how star safety Landon Collins feels after watching the Philadelphia Eagles win their first ever Super Bowl.
According to "The Post Game" Collins said:
“Most of us are not just really doing this for the money. Most of us really want a ring. Most of us really want to be great and have our names known for the rest of our life."
Notice how Collins said ‘most,’ which we can assume he’s talking about our favorite New York Giant, Eli (bad)Apple. Collins did however express his want to be a leader and instill greatness in his fellow teammates.
“I’m not a follower. I’ve always been a leader. I’m always a person who’s in front. That’s how I am. I never want to be a part of a team or something that’s not trying to be great. That’s what I’m trying to propose and put into this team."
“If it’s more of an understanding and we’re trying to get someone to understand a point of view and where a person’s coming from and understand the game and the business of what we’re in, that’s different than when we’re going to battle and it’s going nowhere. That’s when I step in and make them understand, man, we’re here for a reason.”
If the Giants want to be the Eagles reincarnated next season they will surely have to change their wits, as the motivation and want to succeed was at an all-time low in 2017. Several Giants including Odell Beckham Jr, Damon Harrison and Collins have been at the head of motivational duties, portraying their enthusiasm to acquire a fifth Lombardi Trophy for Big Blue.

Source: Sportoversu

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