How Pat Shurmur Can Bring Out the Best In Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr. should be ready for a monster season:
The New York Giants have been missing two essential tools in their tool box the past few seasons — a capable head coach and a real general manager.
Bringing Dave Gettleman and Pat Shurmur on board was exactly the shake-up the Giants needed to turn things around, and star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is going to be the recipient of their strengths.
Gettleman is known for his ability to build the trenches with value and skill for a good price, while Shurmur is a quarterback mastermind that has brought out the best in Brandon Weeden and even Colt McCoy.
Big Blue is set to bring back Eli Manning for another season in 2018, and we can expect Shurmur to make Manning look like a player that actually earns $20 million per-season. If Shurmur can bring third-string quarterback Case Keenum to the AFC Championship game, just imagine what he can do with a two-time Super Bowl winning signal caller.
In the end, this all benefits Beckham Jr., who’s arguably the Giants’ best player and most dangerous threat on offense. The NFL’s assistant coach of the year (Shurmur) is prized in playing to players’ strengths, and ensuring that they reach their maximum potential.
According to, Beckham Jr.’s best season was in 2015. He racked up 1450-yards on 96 receptions, in addition to 13 overall touchdowns. This was all with a Ben McAdoo led offense, and a half-decent offensive line.
With Gettleman’s knowledge in piecing together a solid line, and Shurmur’s ability to bring out the best in his offensive talent, OBJ could be set to break his own personal records. The game-plan will heavily involve Beckham Jr. as it normally does, but this time around it will be much more complex.
With McAdoo, the offense was stagnant and used a ton of crossing routes that defenses inevitably figured out. Shurmur will bring a much more unique scheme to the Giants, with a nice balance of run and pass plays. He will also utilize play-action significantly more.
Ultimately, the success of Beckham Jr. relies on the coaching strategies and how well they can get the ball into his hands. We can expect only improvements with the overhaul of the front-office and coaching staff.
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OBJ can be lined up all over the field, especially with Sterling Shepard getting reps on the outside in 2017. Exposing mismatches will be utilized early and often under Shurmur.

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