Here's What Justin Tuck Thinks Of Pat Shurmur For The Giants

Justin Tuck thinks highly of Pat Shurmur:
Watching the 2017 season unfold for New York Giants fans was tough, and it was equally as stressful for former NFL star Justin Tuck.
“It was definitely hard to watch,” Tuck expressed to NJ Advanced Media. “Not only the losing, but just how things kind of unraveled. A lot of things happened last year that wasn’t characteristic of Giants teams. That was the hardest part to sit back and watch.”
Can’t disagree with you on that one Justin, and I’m sure the rest of us are all nodding our heads in disbelief. Thanks Ben McAdoo!!
If there’s anybody who knows what it takes to succeed it’s Tuck, who won two Super-Bowls alongside Eli Manning and former head coach Tom Coughlin. The Giants let Coughlin walk two years ago, sending him into the path of the Jacksonville Jaguars, where he became general manager and VP. The Jaguars lost in the AFC Championship round this year.
Here’s what Tuck thinks about the Giants’ new hire in Shurmur:
“I think he fits the bill. From what I know about him, he seems like a real low-key, down-to-earth, hard-working guy."
“That kind of fits the bill of what the Giants are known for: A blue-collar guy with nothing flashy about him, but it seems like he is going to go in and work and build from the ground up — which I think we need.”
Tuck’s description of Shurmur is VERY similar of that of Coughlin — no-nonsense, disciplinary, and a succeed or walk attitude.
Shurmur was very serious in bringing in football players that want to win more than breathe, and he made it apparent that himself and Dave Gettleman wouldn’t deal with any shenanigans lightly.
“No nonsense, straight to the point, my way or the highway,” Tuck said. “That leadership system works in this league. I don’t know why people want to go to the flashy and flamboyant.”
The idea is that players that want to win will do anything that it takes, and will dedicate themselves to the process. Working with Bill Belichick is awful, because he’s so strict, but if you are dedicated to winning that’s where you will have your best shot.

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