Eli Manning Says It's Not His Job To Mentor Anybody

Eli Manning not keen on ‘mentoring’ anybody:
The New York Giants have gone back and forth in their quest to take the best possible player at no. 2 in the 2018 NFL draft, and it may just end up being Eli Manning’s replacement.
Manning made it clear to ESPN’s Jordan Raanan that he doesn’t want to be in a ‘mentor’ role for a young player:
"It’s not your job to mentor somebody, but I wouldn’t look at it as that role. I would look at it as it’s my job to prepare and compete and be ready to play each and every game. In that process, you’re always talking football, helping out the other guys in the room, whether it’s Davis Webb this year or Geno [Smith] or guys over the years. You always have back and forth. You’re always helping them out. Nothing changes."
While being a good teammate may coincide with being a mentor, it’s far from the same. Manning wants to compete, and he’s not about to let his competition get the better of him, but he’s also not going to ignore them when they ask questions. Davis Webb may be the only player to truly get a piece of Manning’s wisdom, but at this point in his career, he’s ready to take down any player that vies for his starting role on the offense.
New general manager Dave Gettleman made it clear that Manning would remain the starter in 2018, despite rumors of a quarterback being selected with the second-overall pick int he draft.
Next season will be Manning’s 15th in the league, and he will have a new head coach and offensive line to work with.
Manning did say:
“I’m not going to be giving the cold shoulder to anybody. Hey, whatever they draft, I’m fine with. It’s about me doing my job and that’s playing quarterback.”

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