Eli Apple Pisses Off New York Giants Fans For The Last Time

Get Eli Apple out of here already:
It’s common knowledge that New York Giants’ Eli Apple wanted to be on the Philadelphia Eagles coming into the NFL, but now, I think he should be sent their way.
After the Eagles’ first Super Bowl win in their history against the New England Patriots on Sunday, Apple sent out an interesting tweet, further pissing off Giants fans.
As you can probably imagine, this tweet did not go over well with some fans…
Here’s what they had to say:
After turning the Giants’ locker room into a band of misfit toys last season, Apple has received a boat-load of criticism for his actions. Reports of serious personal issues involving his mother and role-model stepdad have surfaced, leaving a sense of irresponsibility and immaturity in its wake.
The Giants have likely considered parting ways with the troubled corner, but ridding yourself of a first-round selection from only two-years ago is hard to do. If the Giants can find a suitor for Apple (maybe the Eagles), they should consider sending the locker room cancer on his way.

Source: Sportoversu