Eagles Fans Boo Eli Manning At The Worst Moment Possible

Eli Manning gets booed by Eagles fans at Super Bowl:
When Eli Manning was presented as a past Walter Payton award winner at the Super Bowl on Sunday, Philadelphia Eagles fans booed the New York Giants quarterback…
Of course, everybody and their mother seems to be against Manning at the moment, but booing a player who dedicated so much time to helping others and giving people an opportunity to have a better life is low class.
As Giant’s fans, we all know that the Eagles have some of the most putrid fans on the face of the earth, but this is a new low. Now, you could make the argument that they were booing the player and not his philanthropic actions, but I digress. There comes a point in the NFL where humanity comes first, and then I remember, the NFL is basically a new age version of gladiators, and in war there’s no sympathy.
Personally, I wouldn’t boo anybody carrying out humanitarian activities, even if it was Tony Romo on the Cowboys.
Just another reason to hate the Eagles and focus on the new regime and coming out strong in 2018.

Source: Sportoversu

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