Could This Tiny Running Back Be A Solid Option For The New York Giants?

Credits: Jay Biggerstaff
Here’s an interesting option at running back:
If the New York Giants are looking to harness the biggest bang for their buck, they should probably ring the phone of free agent Darren Sproles.
The Philadelphia Eagles running back tore his ACL and broke his arm this season, which is usually not a good sign for a 34 year-old player, but with Sproles, anything is possible.
Standing at 5’6", Sproles has been one of the leagues most polarizing players since his drafting in 2005. Going on his 13th season in the league, Sproles has amassed 3,366 rushing-yards and 4656 receiving-yards. In 2016, he recorded 438 rushing-yards, 427 receiving yards and four touchdowns.
Coming back from a devastating injury is always something to be concerned about, but the veteran back has made it apparent that he wants to continue moving forward in his career.
For the Giants, taking a flier on Sproles would be a financial blessing, as coming back from an injury he will likely only get a fraction of his worth on the open market.
We could expect to get him for $1.5-2 million on a one-year deal. Sproles is also extremely dangerous in the return game, which would benefit the 32nd ranked special teams for New York greatly.

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