Are the New York Mets Done Making Moves?


The Mets have had a quiet offseason and with a need or two to fill, will they make a final move before Spring Training?
Quiet is a way to describe the offseason but not weak when General Manager Sandy Alderson stated yesterday the Mets have “probably done more than 80 percent” of the teams in baseball this offseason. The team has already brought in Jay Bruce and Anthony Swarzak along with veterans Adrian Gonzalez and Jose Reyes. The Mets also avoided arbitration with eight players with Zack Wheeler being the lone player to head to the hearings.
The most likely move the team is willing to make is to sign third baseman Todd Frazier. Mike Moustakas is another option for the team but Alderson all but ruled it out yesterday, “I don’t know. There are a couple of things involved there. One is draft- choice compensation and loss of international pool money. Both of which are key to us improving what is now a less robust farm system, so we’ve got to be careful there.”
Other options to fill the infield have been Eduardo Nunez and former Met Neil Walker. Nunez would fill the need for a leadoff hitter but it not known for his ability with the glove. Asdrubal Cabrera also said he would prefer to stay at second base instead of moving to third base and the Mets seem content keeping him there as well.
Lance Lynn has been rumored as an option for the Mets starting rotation but with a large log jam already there it is unlikely Alderson pulls the trigger on Lynn.
Jonathan Lucroy is a dark horse sign for the Mets but just like Asdrubal Cabrera the Mets are happy with Travis d’Arnaud being the Mets everyday catcher. The price tag for Lucroy may also be more than the Mets are willing to dish out for the two-time all-star.
If anything else, the Mets are likely to sign Frazier but that should be the end for the Mets this offseason unless a free agent’s price drops low enough for the Mets to gain interest in them.

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