3 Important Questions for the Giants' Defense

With the conclusion of the Giants coaching search, we can finally divert our questions to other areas of the team:
While much attention has been focused on the New York Giant’s offensive problems this offseason, there is still much to wonder about Big Blue’s defense.
Just two years ago the Giants’ had the second best defense in terms of points allowed, as well as the third best rush defense under the guidance of Steve Spagnuola. But just a year later, both him and his colleague, Ben Mcadoo are out of New York.
The new reign, Pat Shurmur and James Brettcher, are not walking into the prettiest situation. They are taking over a team filled with more holes than a pasta strainer.
These are the biggest questions they will be faced with regarding the state of the team’s defense:
3. Can Eli Apple be salvaged?
The Giants expected a lot from Eli Apple. So much so that they spent the 10th overall pick of the 2016 draft on him. His second year on the Giants was filled with terrible play and even worse maturity. With constant feuds with coaches and teammates, Apple was more of "a cancer" to the team than he was a talent. Just ask Landon Collins. Should the new coaching staff trade him while he’s worth more than nothing? Or should they give him the benefit of a second chance?
2. Should DRC play safety?
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie will go down as one of the better corners to play the game. While he still has a good deal of talent still in him, there’s no denying the fact that father time is beginning to catch up with him. DRC told the media last month that he would be open to the idea of playing safety, a move many corners make at the end of their career. Is it smart to move now? Who will replace him given the uncertainty of Eli Apple?
1. Who will be traded?
In 2016 the Giants made big offers to Janoris Jenkins and Olivier Vernon. Last year they made JPP one of the highest played defensive players in the game. If the team is going to sign OBJ, they are going to have to clear some cap space by next offseason. Should they trade a major defensive piece for some picks? Who should it be?

Source: Sportoversu