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NFL considering major schedule changes to 2020 season  

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The NFL might be ready to admit this coming season could be as unprecedented as the virtual draft that concluded Saturday.

Schedule-makers are in the process of designing several versions of the 2020 slate, some of which include a Super Bowl on Feb. 28, the regular season starting as late as Thursday, Oct. 15 and a season without bye weeks or a Pro Bowl, according to Sports Business Daily.

It marks a striking, but also unsurprising about-face in the league’s thinking since the end of March, when NFL executive vice president and general counsel Jeff Pash said he was “planning on having a full season,” and “in the same way” as previous years. Since then commissioner Roger Goodell has said the league is prepared to make changes as the coronavirus pandemic has left many professional leagues around the world, including the NFL, with uncertain futures.

The schedules are expected to be released early next month and include the standard 16-game, 17-week slate but will allow for flexibility, if necessary.

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