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Joe Judge Recently Spoke About Markus Golden  

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Quoting Joe Judge:
“Obviously we think he’s a talented player,” Judge said Tuesday morning on WFAN. “He’s been a great locker room guy. I have a lot of respect for him from afar. I haven’t worked with him in person yet.”
“But hey listen, we’re doing what we thought was best for the team in terms of using tags, things are allocated through the CBA and the way the league works,” Judge said. “At this point we’re exploring a lot of options for roster additions. It’s a fluid process throughout the year. We don’t stop after the draft, we don’t stop after free agency. It really goes through the off-season and continues into the season."
“At no point are we gonna say we’re established. We’d like to get to a point sooner than later we feel solid about players and positions were in but there’s external factors you can’t always control that create movement at positions.”
“I’m not going to go into the contact talk part of it,” Judge said. “I am excited about the prospect of talking with Markus and see where it goes from there.”
A wait and see!