Making sense of the Chicago Bears plan at quarterback

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Questions about what the Chicago Bears quarterback position will continue to revolve around who the starter will be. Between Justin Fields and Andy Dalton, who should start and when have been key points that head coach Matt Nagy has answered throughout the duration of rookie minicamp, OTA’s, and mandatory minicamp.

Nagy has also stressed that Chicago has a plan for Fields development, doubling down on Dalton being the starter. Chicago’s plan is simple: Ride it out with Dalton as long as possible, giving Fields a chance to watch from the sideline on Sunday before handing the keys to the franchise off to the 11th overall pick.

“As we all know, promises can get pretty crazy,” Nagy said via the Bears official YouTube channel. “But what we told Andy is that he’s our starter and he knows that. That’s what Justin knows, that’s what Nick knows. We tell these guys knowing that there’s gotta be a start. This plan that we keep talking about and it takes a little bit of time. When you’re in Andy’s role, when you’re in Justin’s role, when you’re in Nick’s role, they know their roles and now it’s their job to be able to be the best quarterback they can be.”

There does need to be a starting point for any plan in the NFL. Chicago’s plan is unique because many believe that Fields has the athletic and mental makeup to be a day one starter in the NFL.

“We all get excited about Justin Fields. We’d all be lying if we said something different but that said, we’re excited about Andy Dalton too,” Nagy said. “And we know that if we stick to this plan we have, that everything’s going to be just fine. Because let’s face it. When you go through OTA’s, when you go through training camp, you go through preseason, the only goal we have is to put the best quarterback out there.”

“Andy Dalton is our starter, Justin’s our number two, and Nick’s our number three, and we’re going to play that out and make sure they’re competing.”

Fields opening week one as the Bears starter seems to be a last resort for the Bears in mid-June but unless something drastically changes during training camp, Nagy and the Bears are hoping that Dalton is good enough to keep the Bears afloat until it’s time for Fields.

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