Breaking News: Players Union counters MLB proposal with more games, MLB says No

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New York Yankees fans were encouraged by Manfred’s statement that led baseball lovers everywhere to believe a baseball deal had been accomplished, and the only thing left was a union vote approving the deal.  But as the evening progressed, a letter from players union executive director Tony Clark was released stating: citing “a number of significant issues with what [MLB Manfred] proposed” and stated, “there certainly were no tentative agreements reached.”

With the sides constantly disagreeing on issues now, they don’t seem to be able to agree on whether an agreement has been reached. However, there is more optimism today than a few days ago when Clark said that further negotiations would be futile. With yesterday’s MLB announcement, I was hoping to be writing about a start to the season this morning, but It appears the sides are closer together to make that happen to provide some hope of an MLB season. The supposed agreement could be a jump start that has been needed.

A jump start it was as the players union came back quickly in less than 24 hours with a counter compromise.  The players are proposing a 70 game season •Clubs granted permission to sell advertisements/patches on uniforms in 2020/2021 •Enhanced housing allowances in spring training and regular season •DH in 2020 and 2021 •Parties to collaborate on broadcast enhancements •Mutual waiver of grievances.

But in less than an hour, the owners are not responding positively to player’s counterproposal. Owners believed they’d had a meeting of the minds, and the number was 60 games. They are calling the counterproposal “Dead on Arrival.”

Union also seeking loan forgiveness for certain categories of lesser-paid players from $170M advance that was part of March agreement, source says. MLB offered to forgive $33M in the last proposal, but that was with a 60-game season.  A meeting of the minds may be close at hand.  Progress certainly is being made.  Stay with for all the updated information.

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