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Just What The Doctor Ordered: Game Five For Tampa Bay And Houston

by Nathan Solomon
The New York Yankees could pursue Gerrit Cole this offseason.

It couldn’t of played out any better for the New York Yankees.

They were able to sweep the Minnesota Twins, and now the other ALDS series is going to a game five. The Rays were able to score three off of Astros ace Justin Verlander in the first inning of game four, while they held Houston to one run all night in a bullpen game.

Now, the series will shift back to Houston on Thursday night, but the Rays will be facing Gerrit Cole. Cole was dominant in game two, going seven and two-thirds innings, punching out 15 batters. The Rays will likely be throwing Tyler Glasnow, who was mediocre in game one. But, both teams will have a bullpen with everybody available, so starting pitchers will have a short leash.

How This Helps The Yankees:

No matter who the Yankees play, the opposing bullpen will likely be a bit tired come Saturday. The Rays and Astros will use almost everybody just to move to the next round. The only option for them is to go all in. The Yankees will have a bullpen that is well rested on Saturday, but may have a little rust.

If the Astros advance, Justin Verlander would be in line to pitch game two in Houston, making Zack Greinke the game one starter. Gerrit Cole would be on normal rest for game three, but would also be in line to pitch a potential game seven.

Obviously, pitching him in game three would be good for the Yankees since they would be able to see him at Yankee Stadium. Wade Miley would probably pitch game four, lining Greinke up for game five.

It’s kinda important in a sense that Greinke pitches in New York because he would be a huge target for heckling. We have discovered that his first name is Donald, and fans could heckle him a lot for it.

The Yankees have had the Rays number this year, so I’m not nearly by concerned playing the Rays.

The Rays and the Astros going to a game five helps the Yankees in a big way.

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